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Sacko Unveils Sacko Beta, the first Searchable Digital Photography Network On Internet

Avon, Colo. – December 19, 2001– Sacko today unveiled a beta version of a new service, which gives users access to the Internet’s first searchable digital photography network. The patent-pending infotos technology behind Sacko was developed Mark Frigon, a self-taught technology innovator who wanted a better way to store and share his own digital photo album with friends and relatives across the Internet.

Sacko is built upon a common platform that delivers functionality beyond the mere digitization of photographs. The online network, found at www.sacko.com, is the only on site on the Internet enabling photo enthusiasts the ability to identify people within a digital photo. By storing and searching this information, sacko.com is only digital photo site with the capability to search and find photos containing specific people. With its ability to let users upload, store and organize an unlimited number of photos, Sacko offers individuals significantly greater control over their files and the data that gets shared over the Web.

“Other service providers in this space essentially offer a simple digitized version of the traditional photo album and have failed to harness the full power of the Internet,” said Sacko founder Frigon. “I created Sacko based on my belief that a photography network should exist to facilitate not only the sharing of digital photos but, more importantly, the ability to find photos efficiently.”

The infotos technology is simple to use and requires only three clicks of a mouse to identify and store information about who is in a photo and where in the photo they exist. Furthermore, Sacko eases the process of sharing photos by automatically emailing everyone identified in a photo, notifying of them of their new photo. Sacko enables each person identified in a photo to approve or disapprove the listing, giving users more control over what photos are found on the web then ever before. The use of the sacko.com website does not require any special software and is compatible with all major browsers.

There are no membership fees for the Sacko service and members may upload and store an unlimited number of photos free of charge. Sacko offers a variety of print sizes (from wallet-sized through 20” x 30”), including panoramic prints, and a variety of other products such as calendars, cards, mouse pads, puzzles, mugs and coasters at very affordable and competitive prices. Internet users may join the Sacko community by visiting http://www.sacko.com.

Frigon left his job as a venture capitalist in New York City in the summer of 2000 and moved to Westhampton, NY to pursue his concept of a digital photo network. Frigon has spent the past 18 months to developing the infotos technology and the sacko.com website.

A demonstration of sacko.com and the infotos technology is available at http://try.sacko.com.

About Sacko Networks
Avon-based Sacko Networks, the Internet’s only searchable digital photo community, was launched in January 2002 and now has customers worldwide. In addition to standard functionality for storing printing, sharing and enhancing pictures, Sacko’s patent-pending technology enables users to search and retrieve photos containing specific individuals. Sacko customers may also order standard and panoramic prints, customized calendars, greeting cards, and a variety of other merchandise personalized with any image stored on the site. More information and product demonstration available at www.sacko.com.

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