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Sacko Networks Partners with eFrames To Offer Framed Prints To Online Customers

New York – April 15, 2002 – Sacko Networks today announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with eFrames to offer its customers the ability to order frames and framed prints directly from Sacko.com, the Internet’s first and only searchable digital photography community. The agreement allows Sacko to extend its customers’ enjoyment of the photos and albums they upload, enhance and share with friends and family.

Sacko is built upon a proprietary technology that allows users to identify and label people within digital photos, which, by turn, grants them the power to search and retrieve photos of specific individuals. In addition to its search functionality, the technology immediately notifies people via email when friends or family identify them in a new photograph and delivers a copy to their Sacko.com inbox. As a result, even people who do not own digital cameras and would not otherwise consider Web-based photo albums find value in joining Sacko’s community.

Many of these users chose to order prints of the digital photos they view online, and Sacko’s partnership with eFrames gives them a wide array of merchandise options. From eFrames inventory, Sacko offers 80 frame styles to accommodate various print sizes. eFrames’ selection includes wood, metal and specialty frames, and users can preview their photographs inside any frame style to find the perfect fit. From there, eFrames fulfills the order using the highest quality digital processing technology. The prints are professionally mounted and framed prior to shipment.

“Sacko is about helping people get the most from their digital photos, both online and off,” said Sacko CEO and founder Mark Frigon. “At our site, users can search, share and organize images online, but we recognize that they also like having pictures to hang on the wall, for example. Both Sacko and eFrames take advantage of the interactive nature of the Internet to give people more ways of having fun with their digital photos.”

Along with the ability to order framed prints via eFrame, Sacko customers may order standard and panoramic prints, customized calendars, greeting cards, and a variety of other merchandise personalized with any image stored on the website.

“The digital photography market is expected to continue expanding rapidly, and Sacko is committed to staying one step ahead by constantly enhancing our website and building in more added services,” said Frigon. “eFrames is part of this strategy to deliver a comprehensive suite of photo services and a better experience than any other photo-related website.”

About Sacko Networks
New York-based Sacko Networks, the Internet’s only searchable digital photo community, was launched in January 2002 and now has customers worldwide. In addition to standard functionality for storing printing, sharing and enhancing pictures, Sacko’s patent-pending technology enables users to search and retrieve photos containing specific individuals. Sacko customers may also order standard and panoramic prints, customized calendars, greeting cards, and a variety of other merchandise personalized with any image stored on the site. More information and product demonstration available at www.sacko.com.

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